Welcome to My Body-Mind!

My name is Charlie/Patsi.

I've decided that part of my physical practice is going to be a written account of my various activities, creations, and thoughts. Some may come across academic; most... not so much. I anticipate that there will be an array of mediums (video, photos, text, etc) - I'll try to keep things as interesting as I can. 

For those of you who may be new to me (Charlie Maybee), Polymath, or the TAP - I'm an artist (dancer/musician primarily) currently based in Champaign, IL. My interests are pretty scattered, but in a nutshell I'm really into performance as a method of knowledge production. I'm definitely inspired by the recent turn toward the non-human (posthumanism and all its offshoots). I'm really interested in looking at bodies as objects. I have a pretty intimate relationship with various technologies (guitars, drums, tap shoes, dance floors, computers, video games, books, etc). Some of these relationships take precedence over my relations with other humans. Futurism is almost always on my mind. Take a look at the rest of my website to learn more about some of the philosophical, artistic, and lifestyle bends that I partake in. 

I'm looking forward to sharing my body-mind with you!