I want to be a Cyborg

This past Tuesday, I had a great music session with a couple friends of mine that I wanted to respond to. 

Leah and I have played music together pretty much since we've known each other. The first performance of my Grad School life was an acoustic performance that we did together - I find it interesting that it wasn't dance. We've been Flexible By Friday ever since.

She plays piano/keys mostly - and she's fucking fantastic. Our vibe in the studio is hella joyful. And I've known for a while now that I wanted her to be a part of my thesis, regardless of whether that was through music or dancing. 

One of the other things Leah and I share, aside from music, is that tap dance is a big part of our upbringing - cosmic coincidence. 

We developed a small piece of music that I had been working on, and I realized that I really wanted tap dance to be at the center of the making process. I mean, we're both making the music, so there's tap dance knowledge floating around in the space regardless whenever we make, but I wanted there to be a concrete tap dancing presence as we built the music, so I brought in my friend Raynah, who I've been working with since last semester on various tap dance experiments.

I don't know how I thought she'd respond to my choreographic/musical task that I had in mind, but she really went for it. We did some jamming for a while, and came up with some exciting, unsettling work that's starting to manifest in a very particular way. It's very physical. More physical than any other piece of music I've ever made before. It's also simultaneously even and non-even phrases layered on top of each other. I want to experience tap dance outside the realm of the strictly metric. It's exciting to me that there are other tap dancers willing to dive down the rabbit hole with me - and I have two of them right now!

Anyway, this is all to say that I'm very excited for the direction the project is going right now. I want to bring in more people. I want my entire making-community to be a part of it. I need so much noise right now to cancel out everything linguistic that I'm stuck inside of right now. I had a classmate mention that music is a cyborg language. I'm really obsessed this idea right now. 

I don't think I'll get to make sounds like that for at least another 2 weeks and that makes me sad. I want to capture them and take them with me. I want to put them on loop through my loop pedal and experience it constantly. Perhaps that's the next step. Digitizing it. Does it stop being physical? Does the loop pedal dance? Is the pedal an extension of me? Or I an extension of it? Where does the sounds that my body produces stop being my body? 

I want to be a cyborg. 

Charles Maybee